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Sales Person

Location: multiple locations 


• Positive and self-motivated attitude with the potential to meet the sales targets set for the position.

• Good learning ability to quickly grasp product knowledge, answer customer queries, and provide excellent customer service.

• Proper inventory management using sales inventory management software, including timely replenishment to avoid losses and ensure inventory accuracy.

• Time management skills to ensure the smooth operation of the store and achieve sales targets.

• Regularly provide sales reports and performance analysis to evaluate store sales and devise improvement strategies.

• Through training, be able to independently handle delivery and installation tasks.

• Through training, be able to independently explore new markets, assess market trends, and expand sales channels. Implement effective marketing and advertising strategies, including promotions, public relations, digital marketing, etc.

• Willingness to relocate to different states based on business development needs.Salary and Benefits:

• Basic salary + Commission (percentage-based, applicable after surpassing the breakeven point of the store).Potential Development:

• Once the candidate meets the sales performance and professional skill requirements, the company can assist them in opening their own store.


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