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Join the Fastest Growing Discounted Appliance Chain in the US since 2020

The Best Investment Choice for Small Business Investors

Why Join Us?

Low Investment, High Return

Majority of the initial investment is spent on property rental and products. 


Appliances resale retail with competitive pricing, prompt delivery and warranty services. Our goal is to be recognized as the largest second-handed/returned home appliance chain across the United States. 

Easy Management

A reliable network of 100+ stores, warehouses and repair technicians for training, guidance and smooth transition into business. A store can operate with 1-2 full time employees. 


The Business

QG Appliances 4 Less is a rapidly expanding national retailer of discounted returned dent/scratch appliances. The chain was founded in 2020, during the pandemic, when new products were discontinued and the transportation impracticable. With the shortage of new products, the supply for dents/scratch appliances and prompt delivery were in huge demand; and this led to the establishment of our alliance. Now QG Appliances 4 Less has over 100 stores nationwide and is the largest scratch and dent appliances dealer in the market. 



Our competition makes up around 10% of the market, but they are non-chained small businesses with uneven service and quality. QG Appliances 4 Less stands out with quality control, stable inventory, prompt services and warranty protection. Our goal is to be recognized as the largest second handed /returned appliance chain in the US. 



Your initial investment may vary depending on geographic areas and condition of the premises. The estimated initial investment for opening an QG Appliances 4 Less regional exclusive distribution store is $100,000 - $150,000. And breaks down as follows:

Franchising fee: $9,000 for regional exclusive rights

Initial Inventory: $80,000 (varies by store size)

Rent/Lease: $5,000 - $9,000 per month

Advertisement: $1,000 - $5,000 per month

Store Area: 3,000 sq ft and up

Employee Count: 1-3 

The Path to Franchise

Initial Consultation

Call or fill out the interest form below

Identify Area of Interest

One exclusive dealership store per 700,000 population, with a store area of 3,000 sq ft and up. Entrance needs to be wide enough for appliance manuever

Regional Exclusive Distribution Right Agreement

Consent to Appliances4Less investment costs, terms and compliances, and pay a one-time non-refundable license fee of $9,000 for the regional exclusive rights

Open Store

Welcome to the Appliances4Less family!

Initial Inventory

Order your first truckload of appliances from your regional warehouse. Retail price is about 60% of sales price and can be sold at half price or higher


Obtain any necessary business licensing and pass property inspection

Train at regional warehouse or nearby franchise


We are constantly expanding our locations across the US. Each store features a fresh inventory with the latest appliance models. Together, we can deliver the right home appliances, with the best service and value, across every channel and community we serve. 

Ready to join our business?

QG Appliances 4 Less has 7 warehouse distribution centers, located in New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Washinton and California. Start by contacting your nearest warehouse manager or fill out the form below

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